1 November 2017

Oh, hello! I'm the past!

Everybody has a past. Either, it's a good past, bitter past, worse past, any forms of past. It's something that will always following us in our present or future. We can not run from it but we can choose what we are gonna do about it. I am a kind of person who think hard about my past, not about other subject or object who is correlated with my past, but about my self who was facing it. Yet, once, I made to leave it in a box inside my mind, I know, there will be a time, when, one of it may burst out and scatter again and again, cause of some things that I can not control. 

Dear future me,
I know you have a lot in mind about me, your past. But, please, don't stuck too long. You deserve a new day, a new chance, a new opportunity to fix me and be better. Don't be scare and feel guilty about me. 

You know, time has brought us to experience so many things and meet so many people along the way, sometimes they remain in our life, sometimes too, they get move on without us, and that is okay. I'd like to give credit to us, for being such a brave girl that we could be, for swallowing the ego and pride to just talk and be honest about the way we feel. Because I finally realize that being honest and letting out the feelings are much better than trapping them inside. I never regret any single moments, I never regret meeting every single persons. 

I don't have any particular things that I want to say to you, dear future me. Because, I don't know, what might happen to you, even after one second I write this. But still I want to write it. In hope, that when you read it, you will be just fine and feel less missing. I write because I want you to let go, I write because I want you to know, I write because I feel miserable right now, and I want you to be free, from me.