3 April 2016


That would be awesome if I could got my doctoral degree less than eight years from now. I think, that's my biggest dream for now. I would find an overseas scholarship. study harder and do much useful things for many other people out there while collecting money for  many other awesome plans and dreams in the future... I wish i will meet an incredible mate. Not about how rich is he, or how much houses and cars that he can buy.. but how persistent is he in pursuing his dreams or our dreams together. how strong his connection with Allah. and how well we can lead each other in His path.

Better future is out there.
And sometimes.. i just- just- can't wait to write an awesome stories.
No one know what actually will happen in the future or even in 0,1 second after I start to plan something. But, do you ever heard this cliche quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt which said.. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ?

i think, it's true.

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