Moi, wanna use this page to introduce you guys about my self tehehe.. ;p
So, I'm just gonna start, ok?

Hello, my name is Rizka Rahmi Puspita,

I was born at Surabaya, 11st of June 1995.  
Which means, now I'm 18 years old
 cause of I was born at 11st, it makes me love eleven too much. 
Beside that, I also have another reasons.  
Eleven like perfectly reflect me as an individual yet a social person which can't live without another's existence. See? It's like an eleven, isn't it? 11 simply can't be formed and not have a meaning,
without the existence of another 1 in here ;)

Hmm..what i suppose to tell you....again..ya..

oya! By the way, now I'm a first year student of Civil Engineering at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya, had a super long story about this, you guys maybe can guess it through some of my old posts here, but after all, i believe that it's all already a destiny that Allah has decided for me. And however, i'm thankful a lot to you, my Rabb :-)

I was an alumni of SMA Negeri 2 Surabaya, i had plenty memories in this school. And well, there is no day i passed without missing my times in there. But, hey, time is gonna go on, on, and on. So, I shouldn't be just  reminisce things in the past and sit back here. Will looking forward..for good times ahead, yay!(when we all already being a successful person aamiin) :D

Fyi, I'm perfectly a melancholy, weird, and moody girl :)) I love any of romantic things, I love making stuffs by my hand :D Music and art are parts of me, i think, everybody does, doesn't it? :D I love to swim and cycling on weekend. I love seeing cute stuffs, pinky at most ahahhaha. I love to see places I've never seen. I love making friends ;) But I screwed in crowded place.....I'm gonna feel insecure in that condition most time..nggh. Also, I really love to eat :D :D Maybe that's why I'm chubby... tehee..:)) Last but not least, i kinda had problems with my sleep times. Ckckck

Let me tell you guys

....i really  to write in my leisure times

I have start writing since I was in 8th grade of Junior High School. Since, I kinda a somehow shameful person in one side. I don't really comfort to tell stories in words, i mean, by directly telling. I prefer to tell it through words. :) I can't really explaining well what's in my mind directly. Remembered with one of my teacher in my college said while ago, "if you don't brave enough to give comments by talking, just simply write them", I couldn't agree more with him, that's such a wise thinking. 

I got some achievements for my this hobby, I ever win as the 1st place essay about BUMN by SPS at year 2012. and got 4th place at Journalist Blog Competition by DETeksi Jawa Pos at year 2011.

for me, words really have powers. 

I made this blog, hoping that I could share you my experiences here. Whether, the good or bad ones. This blog is purely intended to be place where I could share everything, like what i think, what i feel, what I do, and else. So, we could discussing about our thoughts & problems each other, and maybe we could find a way out together. And I hope i will never offend anybody in negatives way in here ya.. :)

In my 18th years life, I consider myself as a thinker, dreamer, dreams catcher, learner, and traveler

Thinker? Well, if I don't bothered with the school stuffs, i like to think about other problems that happens around me, i like to determine why do things happened, find any possibilities, and conclude that depend on my thinking ways. 

Dreamer? Ehm, may I ask you? Is there anybody in this round world who never be a dreamer as well? i think each of us..literally ever being a dreamer. I wish, one time then, I'm not only gonna be a dreamer, that's why I also consider myself as dream catcher (insya Allah..). My most wishes recently is..I could be a good daughter, student, and muslimah, also, soon, Bismillah I wish i could get scholarship to UK/Japan in my second/third year, aamiin ya rabbal alamin, I know I should keep work harder and harder for it, Ain't I? :D 

Last, learner and traveler? Well, as A muslim I should keep learning and travelling as long as I live in this world. like what one of surah in Al-Quran tell us :)

Whew, Seems like I have been telling you too many stuffs here


Here my life  rules for you:
1. Write what you feel
2. Read what do you think could make you better
3. Music never fails to comfort you
4. Don't forget to smile, you won't ever be alone

, hope you enjoy my writes

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