12 January 2014

Three Gorges DAM

Hey, I Just watched National Geographic Channel. It's talking about Three Gorges DAM in China. They compare it with others barrage which already built earlier than this, such as.. Hoover DAM in USA, Krasnoyarsk DAM in Russia, etc.

I could take a summary from watching this spectacle, that, how important is it to learn from others things that has been there earlier. Yes, we should make an evaluation from things around us. We should learn, which one is good and which one is bad from that things, then.. we use and follow the good ones and we change/recycle/rearrange the bad ones. So that, we could.. produce a better thing afterwards 

In this show, NatGeo channel showed us, how.. greater is it the Three Gorges DAM at China, its strength, its making way, its used technology, its mechanism, its surplus, its different than the others dam in the world. And it is really really massive cool! This show showed us, how wisdom are the Chinese people in the making of this dam.

The Three Gorges DAM (source: wikipedia)

I can't exactly tell you what's the intention of this barrage with another barrage, since it used a higher language on Civil theory.. (especially on water construction major) So you better, find its video (I provide you one below)

What makes the Three Gorges Dam special?

1. to construct this barrage, China needs to move away numbers of its population. They migrate them to some places in country, it also impact on China's economic system for some couple times, but I guess it has been solved, since with the construction of this DAM it means that Chinese quality are raised. They somehow already in higher level. They have another facility to support their life. They have DAM which the world's largest hydro power, i mean the sacrifice they've made are paid off.

2. When DAM's already operating, its water that fall down from the barrage will have a damage power to the land below them. Slowly.. it could reduce the barrage's land power, it scrape the soil layer below the building, and make the building collapse, because they're not strong enough for keeping the pressure that keep coming from the water. So, Three Gorges used a new method which adapted from Grand Coulee DAM in US State to overcome this problem,

if the Grand Coulee make a curvature concrete below their DAM, Three Gorges build it above the water (the red ones), so after the water fall down the barrage, they splashed until around 100m up, so  it won't have a distracted power anymore, the foundation land won't be deflected

source: google.com , This's how the water splashed outside the water space

3. Since, Three Gorges DAM placed in Yangtze river, it's one of busiest river in Asia, it's really useful for the traffic. With the Three Gorges DAM construction it will destruct the traffic activity in there. So, Chinese engineer, made a similar way which used at Krasnoyarsk DAM in Russia. They made a lift which using the water power (adapt the hydraulic pump theory).. So it can lift the ships from one side to another side of the DAM. 

4. The Three Gorges DAM's engineer could find out a method to make its building material which won't lose with nature's power.

And another excess that i haven't been mentioned since i still lack on English (i wish i could increase it soon), and my civil knowledge not that much yet, but soon I will, aamiin ;) I just wanna share you an info that I just got, well, Three Gorges DAM has been produce an ultimate hydro power for China, It really give much impact on many things in China, their Economical, their transportation, their flood problems, their irrigation, their electricity) .. and so many else, which grow to better and higher level. And made China into one of developed country in the world. 

We should learn many things from this. We could see.. how Allah already provide us with things in nature, water, sunshine, which can be used for something more useful. which can produce big power to be used. We as a human..just should keep learn and learn and find a way how to make things possible..and being useful.

Allah gives us sense and mind, to safe this world, to live in this world, Bismillah may Allah shows us always the wise way..to through. it's one of human's masterpiece. it's a real evidence, that yes we're capable to make big things, whatever is that, however they seems from too impossible -> to be possible. Crazy ideas are the biggest idea. People said if your dreams aren't scared you enough... that means they're not big enough. Keep imagining, keep dreaming, and work for it. Nobody knows if one day we could make them true. The ones who success are ones that have courage and believe in their dreams.  Subbhanallah :)

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