25 December 2012


I think we all have that someone that placed in somewhere special in our heart. Maybe as a friend, best mate, boy/girlfriend, or whatever we called that. Which, we think that their presence in our life, make us feels like we were a more lucky, happier, and loved than other people do. Right ? And i have throughed that phase in my life too.

Meeting that someone, will always be in an unexpected time. Like, what Rihanna said, that, "We found love in a hopeless place". Maybe, that someone, used to be.. a stranger to us. An old friend. Or maybe, one of our sibling friend? Or maybe someone that has a same hobby with us? Or maybe, someone that we accidently met in one of... party? Or maybe, someone that we accidently knew through a social media? Or maybe, that someone was used to be our friend, our closest friend? We never know.

Haha, sometimes, it feels so funny to realize, it could happen, that a stranger could be someone that really important to us, to me. Just because maybe, a silly moment that we through with them. But it was an unique one, and that's why it lasts long in our memory and change some of a feeling in our heart. Just like, there's a witch, spell a magic words to us. Then, everything's change and turned into something, that we would like to call, as, love.

I don't know, what's point, that i would like to tell in here. But, right now, i just amaze, with, a thing, called love. That could turn our whole day like..as, we through a journey in a sea, we joined the up and down within the waves. One time, we're up. We talk many things. We share laugh and joy.we smile. We care. Till it gives us goosebumps in our stomach. But one time, we're in down. We stop talking. We stop caring. We stop sharing. We missed them. Like, world leave us behind. But that's the circle. And we must teach to enjoy, not just every good moments but also the hard and bad ones.

And the worst is, when you both already stuck at that point, which, one is got bored and the other one, maybe got tired. Then, all those happiest day is slowly start to fade. And you both back to that day, when you both were still a stranger. Not talking, not caring, and not loving anymore.

And then.. someone come again and telling us, that they were different from the old one. That they won't do things that may hurt us again. Then, we believe them. And we fall into that feeling again.

Is that wrong ? Well, it's not. It always like that, right ? 

But i think, that was a literally right things, we're gonna do. Because, these all just about a feeling. And we don't have that big control into it. Cause, it was something that come from our heart, without any permission from our health thinking.

I have a very nice quote, it said, "i don't know what's going on, but i know, that you, at least, here, and make me smile." That's why, never scare to in love. Because, love is a good thing to be happened. Maybe, when it hasn't end in a good way, it because we haven't met that "right-special-someone". Maybe, we haven't met  our that 'you', yet.

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