27 March 2013


Friends are the most treasure you could find in this world. Cheapest medicine that you could get to heal any sickness that you could get in this world, your agony, your pain, your hurt, your sadness, your loneliness, your failure, and else. They are best entertainer that you could ask for cheering your mood up. They are most  psychologist that you could ask how to solve your problems. They are most faithful diary that won't get tired to hear any of your stories.. Most of all, friends are ones that you should keep forever in your life. Because they're worth keeping, if they truly love you as a friend, they won't ever really leave you no matter annoy and mess you could be.. You know? The moment you get them, is gonna be a happiest lifetime you could have, indeed. :)

And, I never imagined.. how's my life would be, without their existence. And lately.. i feel like i miss all of my best friend, like, yup i  have friends, but they ain't knowing me, like my friends do.. They ain't do crazy things with me, they won't. It's like, we are different. And me? Like, eh? I was someone that can't be faking up into something that I don't like... I feel a bit lonely, to realize that i don't have that ones that i could tell my problems up to.. I scare, if i tell them any of my stories, it will be really annoying, no sense, and not important for them. So, i keep all my stories myself. Though, i really want any of them would hear this, and shared my excitement and sadness together.. 

I really thankful to Allah to send me every nice people to my life and make them stay until now.
My mom, my dad, my little sister, my grandmum, my brother, they're most faithful friends that i could have. My friends, yupp, to anyone that consider me as their friend. Hello, you know i love you all so much, really. Thanks for staying in my life though i was this boring.. ugly, careless, stupid, mess, clumsy, annoying.. Thanks for every single word that you said in order to make me happy.. x) {}
Seriously, Thank you for anyone that consider me as a friend of your life.. Sorry for all bad things that i've ever done to you, you know whaaaat? I miss you this baaaaaaaad all.. I feels like everything has changed, so does myself. Feels like I can't be who I used to be, without you all. and somehow I'm just so alone recently. Huhuuuuuu :'(

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