21 April 2013

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Guys, do ya know about this super charming guy ? Well, actually, first time i saw him, he didn't seem too enchanted (not so my type) gitu :p but second time.. third time.. I rewatch his film again, soon I recognize how....hmm.....a super charming is he ! Well, why do I say so ? First place, i totally like his voice, it was totally a 100++ scores for me! It sounds so deep, hoarse ! Then the before first place thing! His eyes ! i think, it was what made him so beauty to be true, his eyes colored blue, most beautiful eyes that I may ever seen so far. It looked so pure and full of honesty hahahaha (alay gile) But I'm not lying ! His eyes were so so so so beautiful  indeed ! His sight, well i do really love to see a sight that looked sad (read: sendu) I  don't know, it just melted  me inside hehehe. 

By the way, it sad to know.. that he ever try to suicide. Well, I don't surely know what's the reason, but i wish he won't try to do it again ! Woaaaaaaaaaaaaah JRM JRM, wish ya have a happy life ! xD

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