22 April 2013

Time treasure :D

People do come and go and some also stay.. They leave bunch of memories and things to learn, to we keep remind.. So each day that we passed, we will grow more and more mature, won't we ? :)

Well, I've been through the life in the world for 17 years old already, i know, it's nothing to compare with other older's period. But every person sure will have they own memories that learn them something, and so do I :)

Today.. I realize a big deal about life: time. How time does keep flowing on in my life. And how each time that had passed, i just can't repeat them again. But, beside that, I do believe if second chance will always come to those who deserve, in order to repair something in the past, ya ndak ? :/

But, that's not what I'm going to talk about anyway :D

Hmm.. today.. let's talk about changing ! Well, through that time that keep going on, people sure will have a transformation in their life, right ? ;> They learn from thing that they had through in their yesterdays. They have history, they learn, they remember, they quoted, they cried, they laughed, they fall, they rise, they broken, they keep things, they let things away, in order to make them better, and better today, and figure out their essence of life. I also do that.. 

I was throwing back so much things in my yesterdays. and i knew, actually there been many people that already come and go in my life. I see how plans I made for them, we made for us, which not happened. Well, it was so many. But see? I'm still doing fine today, I keep moving on this circle, cause, when one is going, another one will come then.. and change their place in our life. It always like this, doesn't it?

One time, I do sad to see how that every person become a stranger to me.. What- if one time i get to know somebody then I go along well with them, I always hoping that our relation will keep fine until the rest of times, so I could always remember them with a happy and warm feeling. But in fact, most time, that can't be happened. So.. One time too, I will get to miss them and feeling sad to remember how we used to be... 

And for those reasons, It's hard for me to believe in someone.
It's really hard for me to get along with anyone new, Most time ! :-(

Through this post, I want let anyone around me, knows.. that no matter what had happened between us, maybe now you hate me, maybe now I hate you, maybe now you have someone new in your life, maybe me who been take distances from you, maybe now you don't like to be around me, maybe now I'm being too boring, maybe now you feel like I'm changing, so you not with me here again, I still care about you actually. And Someday I'm gonna really really miss you ! :,)

However life bring me to keep moving on, there is one thing that you should remember... That people, yes, do come and go BUT memories will last forever // Right huh ? :) 

So, all you need to know is...
*drums roll*
I would be very very hyper happy as I could see ya happy too ! I'll letting you go, as long as that what's make you happier ! I will let you be with someone else as long as i think they are deserve to be with you, and that someone could make you a better one too ! :D And I will think, "yes, they do better than me of course !" because if you choose to be with them rather to be with me, that means they are waaaaaay better than me, aren't they ? ^^

No ! I'm not make this, because I am sad or maybe feeling left behind. No I am NOT ! I make this because i was so glad and super happy that I ever spent my times with you :) I'm happy to remember that we ever had so many many happy times together, though it was in yesterdays, but it ever happened riteeeeee ?:'D And I will never regret to ever know you all, :)

Last !
I take a summary ! if I do worth keeping for, they will fight for me, right ?:D :D :D And after every single haploid good bye(s) there will always be a new Hello coming instead. I love all of you guyssss, and i will always wish you all the very super best. Thank you so duper very much to ever draw colors in my paper life, without you it's gonna be a plain paper instead ~ 

Thank you to help me be into someone I am today,
A wiser and mature one :P

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