15 September 2013

Happy 15th.

Heart is so amazing. Once again, it is amazing. How once your heart set for one person, it will be going to be that one person always. How 768 days already goes by and no special things happened again, but it could still be staying on the same place. Moving on not only about forgetting someone. But it's about letting go of person, feeling, and times when you have and love them the most. I don't know what makes me hanging so long on you. I'm so sorry if you're feeling like I keep bothering you, doing annoying things to you. You should know, hey, i had tried my best for not being like that. Sorry for keep digging my past about you.. I'm really not willing to do so, but, how if you are still be my only exception? I seriously do hate the fact that, you're like the clouds to me, beautiful but too far away.


  1. I heart you banget cil ;;)

  2. Already 15th again,mbak. :)