15 October 2013

Happy Ied Adha

Whew, can't tell another proper words for times nowadays,

it flew away too fast,

don't ya think so? :/ An hour just passed like a second strikes to a minute. It's like once you blink an eye, many times already wasted. Well, well, it's already 6:24 PM here, which means.. 15hours from now, my short-holiday's gonna end soon, and college's life is back, *sobbing* By the way, Happy Mbek Day for all moslems in this world, especially to all moslems which currently do Haji in Makkah, wish y'all could be the mabrur ones of course, Wish my mom and dad soon can go there, aamiin. So, gonna share you a bit what I did hours ago :D

Last Saturday, my home got a guest :D He's my cousin from Tangerang, his name is Fathan, now he is a first year student like me, at Universitas Brawijaya, same with my older brother. Because the holiday isn't long enough so he spent these holiday came to my house :D

We went to same places at Surabaya, by the way mas Fathan had a big trouble with Javanese, so anytime my family speak in Java we should translate it into Bahasa Indonesia, well not a big job actually so it doesn't  really matter :)) First, he tried Bebek Palupi near my home with my brother, he said that it's been long enough since last time he ate Bebek goreng (wonder what kind of food he usually eats ckckck). Because that day already too late in the night, we all spent at home watching television and went to sleep yeaayy

Day 2, hmm? What did I do ya?*digging for recent old memories*
Ah! That was Sunday, right? I had some relaxing times with my JHS's super friend, Mbik, at Tunjungan Plaza. Been months not going into a mall and stuffs like that so I'm enjoying my times there with her, shared so many stories as always... New friends, college life, funny experiences, her-kind-of-sickness (she so easy to forget lately, and it's a bit serious matter i think), and also...... our love stories puhuhuhu.
Well, having a day with her is a pleasure as always,
looking forward for next meeting ya sissy, Goodluck for our study ya :)

Day 3, went to Suramadu (Surabaya-Madura) bridge and looked around Surabaya with full team + Mas Fathan, Been sooooo loooong not having this kind of times, so my mood that night was so so so happy :D

P.S: the sea breeze was so strong that night

Last day, which means today... hrrrr such a nightmare in one side, since I had lot of tasks that I haven't fully done during to my kebuntuan, :-( You know? I'm so depend with....that.."Power of kepepet", Like I need kind-of-big pressure to make my ideas go out... So here I am..... Troubled with two tasks that I should have done by tomorrow... when i just have done it, perhaps 15% to 100%..... so sad...actually. Times to make friends with coffee, papers, and another sleepless night from now on, by the way still happy fifteenth to you ;-)

Well, let's back to life, guys.

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