15 October 2013

Ibu Pertiwi

Just read the “Manufacturing Hope” section in one of local news paper in my country, Jawa Pos. Manufacturing Hope is an article that written by Dahlan Iskan, the BUMN minister of Indonesia. Today he talk about corruption that happening in Indonesia. He praises and calls numbers of officials from several famous companies in Indonesia, such as.. Bank Mandiri, PT KAI, Mahkamah Konstitusi, which is not ‘fall into the oil pond’ when they’re already inside the pond. Get it?

Corruption cases are common phenomenon that currently raged discussed in Indonesia. Almost every week there always a new news that reporting about the arrest of corruption suspect in Indonesia. Numbers of ‘high’ people that sits on most important part in Indonesian goverment already caught by KPK which stands for Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (comission of corruption eradication). The last hot issue is Akil Mochtar, ex chairman  of Mahkamah Konstitusi Indonesia. It’s so ironic too see the fact that he just inaugurated to sit on that position on April 2013. He also ever insult and offend some of people that arrested in corruption cases earlier than him, like Rudi Rubiandini. But now? He also arrested for the same case, and i know from the infotaiment that he will placed in the same room with him. How shame? But no..no.. astaghfirullahaladzim i’m not going to judge people here… cause yeah i did know it, life is like a hell most time.

Back to article that Dahlan Iskan wrote, i really agree with what he thought in there. It’s easy for people that not in the real situation like, what Mr. Rudy/ Mr. Akil, to say and judge about their corruption (like me while ago). Because we not in real condition where we faced with so many tempting offers, a huge amount of money, luxury, position, wealth, and stuffs like that.

Yes, It is indeed so easy for us to say and judge them, when we are not in the same place with them. 
So let’s ask to ourselves now,

What will you do when you were offered with billions of money? 
Or maybe when you were offered with acres of land?
Or maybe when you were offered with unlimited edition of luxury cars?

Are you gonna stay silent?
Will you easily rejected them?
Are you really NOT GOING to be like them?

Cause, hey, literally, everybody wanna be a billionaire. Won’t they?

So here is our homework.

To be wise. To be faith. To stay in the right path, where Allah give his blessed on.

And the question, Could we?
Above all the possibility that may happen in the future, all we have to do is say, yes we absolutely can.

Back to Dahlan Iskan philoshopy about “when we are diving on the oil’s pond, we literally exactly going to be wet by the oil. But in fact, there are also some that not get wet.” And that’s what me and you supposed to be in the future, as youth and agent of change in Nusantara. The damage that Indonesia already have maybe is too much, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fixed anymore. Indonesia still have us to fix and save  this country in the future. from Dahlan Iskan’s article i could know, that now Indonesia is also on progress to bring this country back to the pitch. And the movement of KPK that catches all perpetrator that do the KKN practical and harm the public, without seeing what the suspected’s position. Minister, head office, lawyer, that doesn’t matter. 

Yupp, that’s what Indonesia need, justice. 
Ones that make fault should be punished. Ones that doing good and depend on what their job desks are should be awarded.

Through problems that Indonesia should face there’s also gonna make Indonesian people thinking about the ways out, i believe the rest of good people are still many and uncountable. I believe, Indonesia still have hopes to be fixed and finally be a real-independent country. Things take times. Things take courage. Things take faith. And all we need to do are be and do positives.

So, There are two ways of problems could do to you: either destroy you or define you and make you stronger :-)

Choose yours.

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