13 November 2013


Gonna have a short and quick post! Just gonna tell you guys, that I'm so happy towards anything around me now. I'd so thankful to Allah SWT for everything that Allah has given to me until this second. One thing: Allah will not give you every thing you want but Allah will definitely give you what you need. Because He knows more than what we know. Maybe I can't live my  high school's dream, but I still happy (at least, for this period) for living what now I should face. I'm so thankful to Allah to bring me lot of people that so warm, lovely, respecting, welcome, good, and kind..to me. Place, where i could finally feeling like I was home and safe. Where I don't need too much too pretend, where I could do what I wanna do, talking what I wanna talk, and place where I want to make myself better and better, insya Allah :) Place, where, I could feel like.. every second that I spend with them, I was with my family. 

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