24 November 2013


throwing back into these some couple last awesome weeks! And yes, I'm still troubled with..well.. these first year an university student's stuffs. Reports, tasks, evaluations, practices, events, and so so many else. Which is spent much of my times and energies. So.. I planned to share you guys some of my experiences and make an evaluation to my own self through this post, hehehehe

It's been an 11st weeks since my first day on my university, and well I can't believe it..like..I just blink my eyes and now it's already the 11st weeks? :O wow! Been learned some subjects and now it's going into higher and harder level. Counting numbers with an uneasy formulas. Drawing things with some specification. Beside that, I still need to attend some (out of the study stuff) events. And now i feel how important is it to arrange times in life. How to make time's priority, divide which one is the first thing i should done.. what's second, what's next? And also.. what I shouldn't have done..

By the way, sometimes, I also feel bored to do these routine activities, Get up, pray, take a bath, eat, do homework, go to school, back to home, study, pray, sleep, and back to get up again. . . Zzzzz

Well, not gonna take a longer time , here are some things i've done for these last weeks, check it out!

Derai's birthday
celebrating my friend's birthday together with my classmates. Splashing water and being annoying hahahaha although there is no birthday cake and candle above it, or gift inside box, but  for me, what's most important here is.. the togetherness, warmness, and blissful moments that we can share together. And not forget.. also every pray that we silently ask to Allah for others happiness and blessings :)

Before the futsal tournament, MIT CUP.

Next is.. Participating in my department's events! There are "Pendampingan", a program that made by my senior, where every 15 of new students have one guardian (cyeilee) who we could ask for things in school that we haven't known about. DS CUP, a competition that held by Himpunan Mahasiswa (an organization for students) for all people in my department which contains of Futsal, Basket, Volly, and Badminton tournament, plus Accoustic. and MIT CUP, a competition which contains of Futsal, Basket, Volly, and Badminton tournament, plus Stand Up Comedy that held by organizer in my generation for my generation :))

Me and friends while doing our "Pendampingan" tasks. 

I think these events are good because it can make all people in my department know and close to each other. Since, I'm a new person in this environment.. I think it's really needed to have this kind of events. Maybe I haven't really being an active participant in the tournament. . .but i did my best to spend times and keep follow the crowd. . .yeay ! it's a fun time indeed to support our teams and delegations. And such a way out to relieve all stressing stuffs.  

The next one is...

Some pictures while doing practice in road.

Study together! this is what mostly takes time of mine. Since, yeah, I'm coming to school of course to study hehehehe. And I'm so thankful that my education program is not only about sitting in class, opening books, taking notes, but also. .have a practice time in field. .

Welcoming a next technician's life to myself *drums rolls* Dealing with sunlight, hot and baked~~ :p Being darker :)) Kumel. . .but still kece all the way :)) B)

we had some strange moments while doing our practice. Met an abnormal bapak-bapak who always bringing his guitar and do some silat's movements. And he made one of my friend crying. . . Met a 'PMS' satpam who suddenly mad to us. . .wonder why he didn't ask us in good way first. . .

Practice time is a fun yet tiring day to do. By the way my group was contain with the most people! There are nine, five girls and four boys!so if we got tasks like what we've got yesterday, it so..took a long time! Since, we need to measure  points as much as we are. But I'm feeling so grateful to be a part of my group, because it's contain of. . . absurd and jones people :)) So we all have common things to talk about :)) And I'm telling you..that it so fun to spend time with them :)) Wish that we could being more one and finish all the tasks that'd given. Bismillah, Wish Allah will give His blessing to us. . .

we before the practice time

we after have done the tasks, and having meals together


i found this while i just got home in my room's mirror. my little sister said that it has  been written by my daddy when I was out. Thank you dad! Hope i could soon make you proud of me. May healthy and blessing stays together with you and all of us,aamiin
So.. what myself should do days on:
  1. be wiser on managing times. And really make a time's priority. Not choose to do what I want to do. But do what I must to do.
  2. do evaluation to myself in interacting with people, because from times that I spent with my friends to talk about others. .I know how society is scary. We shouldn't be a selfish person, do well, and respecting each other if we want to be threaten well too.
  3. keep my spirit high, be thankful, and praying  to Allah SWT for everything the best
  4. Should bring myself out of my comfort zone, and try new stuffs, since I'm so easy to feel bored, hehehe
Alhamdulillah, i think that's all! So, how's yours guys? :)