27 December 2013


Thanks God it's Friday yay ! Finally I woke up earlier this morning :') My normal sleep hours is back, so so happy.. Currently doing my task with friends in this early day, wish it was a good sign that I would be back productive again in days on :p


Gonna continue my last morning post. Yesterday, My friday was keep going on. so I just arrived at home from Malang this morning, for taking my brother back there because he'll have an exam today, i have no idea how my brother's feeling to have an exam on Saturday? A bit suck, i guess ckck.. Beside, we took my brother back to Malang, me and my family were coming to my mom's friend's house first. It placed at Lawang and the weather there was really nice. The house has a big yard and good view, it's a 1948's building, so vintage and classic. Such a comfy place to relieve all stresses. After had chit-chat, we were treated by  a super delicious dinner. I ate much enough (as always) :P. My mom's friend really had an unique family, he has ten siblings, and all of them are really like to make jokes even though they're no longer a teenager :)))) (they're already 50-68 years old) 

So..last night me and my family just couldn't stop laughing to hear their stories =)) Not only told numbers of funny stories but they also gave my family some 'wejangan' since they're older than us so they already had more experiences in life, and it really worth to hear.

From them, i can learn so many things.. I see, how beautiful is the togetherness in a family. Since we're growing up together with them, from a tiny baby until insya' Allah being a grandmother / grandfather (aamiin), they're the ones who know our good and bad, then still accept and love us, endlessly. they're the ones who always gonna be there when we're up or down, when we're happy or sad, when we're holding too much or angry, the ones who's gonna catch us whenever we fall. Place where we could be who we are. No pretending, no drama, it just a place where we can simply be ourself.. 

And place where we can always calling it, home.

“Home is where you are loved the most and act the worst.” 
― Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Yes, even though we ever argue each other, so many times about so many stuffs, in the end we also know how to forgive each other. Look through and see how deep deep in my heart, i know that how big is my love for my family, they're irreplaceable, they're the numero uno. they're  ones in the whole universe, and I'm so thankful to Allah SWT for sending me such guardians in this earth, one pack with...their goodness.. their flaws.. their loves.. and their spirits..

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