28 December 2013

last saturday in 2013

Hello, Rizka's coming again :3 rajin banget kan aku ya :3 Ngepost terus :3 maklum lagi kurang kerjaan, wkwkwk duuh nggak sadar diri :)) padahal tugas asistensi masih terlantar ._. Gppa wes, nanti malem kan aku ngerjain kok ;) (oh dunia harus tau gitu cil --) 

I don't have much things to do today, because daddy need to work, my brother isn't at Surabaya, and I don't have a boyfriend :3 (lhoh apa hubungannya cil :p)  so I just spend my Saturday at home. Gonna share you what I've done today! Yuk cekidot ;)

1. Cycling
Have I ever told you how much I like cycling? :3 Yes! I do really love to go cycling. Usually I do this routine every Saturday and Sunday morning. But I haven't doing this quite long, because those busy weeks of school, so I'm so happy today cause finally i could go cycling :3 I have my usual track, Tenggilis and Pakuwon City. I don't go too far, because my parents don't allow me go further since I'm a girl and I go cycling myself, so they think i should take care :3

2. Remake my reminder board :3


what you need :3

emm gimana yaa :3

iseng :3

after (89% done)

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