30 December 2013


Well, today was another great and tiring day for me! I slept only three hours this morning and now, I just got home at 11 PM for accompanying my mom to meet up with her friends. So what's up today? Bheuh! today me and some of my friends (icha, egar, yunita, ika, bella, and tio) went to Car Free Day Darmo. It was a sudden plan from Egar. I got the info from Icha, she asked me to join them vending at CFD, and they need me to help them bringing the goods from Icha's house to Darmo. I thought it was a good chance to get a new experience, so I agreed. Alhamdulillah, Although, we got there too late, we still made to sell our goods! And it almost sold out! :) 

Actually, I wasn't feeling pretty well, since it was crowded in there. but It was my first time, joining Car Free Day at Darmo since it's far from my home, so I had a good time this morning :3 There are many moments that i could see while I was there. I met some of my high school's friends. I also saw a Sugar Glider, from KGSI (a community of its lovers) And what's most important is.. Todaay, I learnt how hard was it to earn money. How 3000 could be so so precious.. That's why we should be grateful for every rezeki that Allah has given to us :) 

thanks to Tio for capturing us :3

Owner of the day
P.S: Good job! to Icha and dedek Faiz, for making the Sari Dele. And thanks to Egar, for the invitation! Looking forward for next time! Ok, that's all for today! Happy Monsterday all. Hoaaam~

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