15 December 2013

Go discover some new places


Heyhoo! Feeling good after waking up, Alhamdulillah still got a chance from Allah SWT to breath the air again today, Wish everyone is in a good health of course ;)

Well, I’m so thankful that I’ve been having good pals around, they’re my college’s friends, tehee. I know that we are so kemriyek most time, but I swear ya, we are good kids. we are just have some trouble on holding to not laughing :)) We already had good times together indeed! 

We have schedule on  every Wednesday to try some ‘kuliner’ in our city, Surabaya. In order to not bored for bringing lunch from home everyday. Though, we just only did it for couple times (looking forward for next times ahead yeayyy!), I already had so much funny times with them.

Like… anytime I’m hanging around with them, I could be somebody close to I am. Talk what I wanna talk. Sad. Badmood. Sick. Angry. Makes some jokes till we can’t stop laughing so hard. Shares some stories. Singing with my…ehm..bad voice. Study together. And travel to some places.

On Wednesday two weeks ago, We went to Aiola, since some of us coming from different cities, so they have not been here before. We bought different foods in there, there are Gado-gado, siomay, batagor, mi pitik, nasi goreng, es campur, etc. You only need to pay less than Rp 15.000 to get those yummy meals plus the drink! :9 By the way, we also bought two glasses of chocolate milk and then we drank it together. It’s so ROTFL (even mbak-mbak yang jualan pun ngetawain kita saking kordesnya) Moreover, it’s only a glass that contains of 1 liter milk in there, but there were 7 straws inside, and we must share it for 12 people -_- 

On Wednesday weeks ago, me, derai, icha, and bibip went to Soto Ayam Lamongan Cak Har on Jl. Arief Rahman Hakim. By the way Soto is a kind of soup which colored yellow contains of slices of chicken, white noodle, rice, fried union, and koya :9 Best to taste in warm condition and don’t forget to eat them with Krupuuk ya! :9 By paying Rp 14.000 you could felt awesomely full after ate them! since the Soto is really yummy many and …. presented with so many koya zuurrpppp, haaaa heaven of the world ~

on last Friday we went to House of Sampoerna because Derai haven’t gone there. then we continued our journey to Hotel of Majapahit :D Such a beautiful historical place to visit!

House of Sampoerna (image source: google.com)
House of Sampoerna is an exhibition place of cigarettes producer in Surabaya. Presenting some old photos, furniture, kinds of tobacco, and marching band. There also featured with a digital computer to see videos, photos, and information. On the second floor, there is a place for buying souvenirs and watch the process of cigarette’s making lively! :D

But what most attract us to go there that afternoon is to try the “Surabaya Heritage”, short journey to see some tourist destination in Surabaya by taking on a bus. That friday the schedule written going to Kampung Kraton. Cak Durasim, and City Hall. but sadly we didn’t catch the departure times. Huhuhu. Maybe next time! ;)

Last one is…*drums roll*

The Hotel Majapahit's beautiful view in advance (image source: google.com)

Hotel Majapahit Surabaya \m/ One of historical place that still treated well in Surabaya. A hotel where the Holland’s flag teared by Arek-arek Suroboyo accident held. Place that made Surabaya being well known as The city of heroes :) Providing a view of building in Holland’s era. Old yet so classy ;) You could see some nice parks with fountains in the center of it while walking on its classic corridors. Like..you can treasuring back to the past B) Especially when you enter the rest room…uh baby though it feels a bit creepy..you certainly could feels and see how’s the Holland era in there..hrrrr :))

P.S You don’t need to pay anything just to see how’s inside the Hotel, free parking beybi :)

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