14 December 2013

Letting Go

Losing someone in our life may the most pathetic things  that should happens in our life. Whether that person's going into the other dimension from us or going into another place and different times from we placed, which we apart from them. I believe and I know that it must be a hard time, when we should learn to let them go, holding on thousand memories that we had with them back then, alone.

well, actually, Alhamdulillah i haven't properly losing someone that really close to me, in my life. But I know.. soon or late, one day, myself or people that i love, one by one, will leave this world into the afterlife and back to their Owner. they're now still alive and I'm so thankful to Allah SWT for giving them long ages so they can stay here with me. And i just can wishing them all the best, healthiness, long ages, and happiness..

Now, I understand. When I'm riding at the night, remembering how my life was and thinking how my life is. Yesterday i had this..and that.. and now I don't have this.. and that.. From those little things I could take summary that there's nothing immortal in this world. Everything's just a temporary things. All that we have is only a deposit. Since it was a deposit, of course, one day the Owner's gonna take it back.

Lost is an usual thing that happens in reality. The hard thing is to let it go. Especially when what we lost..is something that really precious to us, something that we love the most, it's like a 'limited edition' and there's only one in the world :'(

For me, lost is a momentum that we never know what influence that it may bring in our life. waking us up? dropping down us? making flat our life? making an unfair world to us? Losing somebody/something could bring us closer to our Maker or further from Him? Those all depend to ourself. How smart are we to take a summary of its every accident. If we do believe that everything happens for a reason, i believe, slowly we're gonna accept it and judge it wiser about that thing. Lost can make people like.. they have soul inside their body, but they don't feel alive. Going everywhere with an empty sight, thinking about thousand old memories, beautiful but pseudo. or the way, keep living although their souls ever scratched and banged with hurt. But here they are, it's life, if there's a beginning there's gonna be an end. Morning comes not just a sign that it's already 7 AM we need to get up and go for school. No, it's not. Morning comes to remind us that after every darkness, insya' Allah there will new light rises. And use that for a reason to us, a reason to keep moving on in this short life..

Sadness is humanitarian. Cause Allah gives us a felling to can feel each other. Loving, hating, caring, respecting, adoring, etc. But till when, a grey sky's hanging above your day? Maybe they do refresh you with thousands beautiful memories back then. Okay, for some couple times, that's ok. Because, memories are a black-white film that formed how we are today. But remember, Allah makes this earth with successive seasons, hazy, rainy, sunny, snowy. So we can learn from them.. Never ungrateful for everything that you've got or you haven't yet today.

Life is a balance.. :)
Life is keep spinning.. :)
Life is a mystery.. :)
But don't forget.
Life is a gift that Allah gives to us..
And a gift must be a beautiful thing to we have :)
Maybe not right in this time, but eventually.

"You will never know how hard is it to let go of something until you feel it yourself"
For everyone that just lost somebody/something. for everyone that must live without them that used to be there. There are still many stories that you haven't read. There are still many blank pages that you haven't written with your life's stories. Never stop smiling for them that used to make you smile.. :)

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