26 January 2014



People say "Be with the people who bring out the best of you", and I couldn't agree more with those sentences. That's a true statement ever. Simply, because we live only once. So why we must wasting our times on someone who doesn't care with us and only make us sick?
But, however, i still do that sometimes hahaha

I just had a good conversation with someone, who I preferably call as a brother for me, and honestly deep..deep..down inside, somehow I really thankful that destiny met me up with this kind and caring brother like him. Maybe, from outside people will think, that he's someone who less concerned with things around him.. Because he keeps acting cool ._. and stays silent all the way :)) But after I got to know him, I found out that was a really wrong point of view -,- You know, he could suddenly laughing when you ain't even talking to him, just because you're saying one silly word accidentally to someone else.

I always have a good time whenever i get time to chit chat with him, he's really a good companion to talk with, because I can share so many things, whether about my college, my hobby, my lessons, etc :D He's someone who can equal my talks, my thoughts, and my jokes. He can give me an advice. A new information. A new perspective. Tell me what I should or I shouldn't do as well. And that's a good thing. Because, I like it when someone tell me directly which I should have done rather than just saying "that's up to you.." everytime I ask them :) He ever told me, to keep doing what I love. Yes, it's something I love. He said that it's kind of pity..if i stopped doing what I have an ability on, just because, I'm too lazy.

So happy to have lovely people around. For me, everyone is like a rainbow, they have their own color. Maybe sometimes, we can't be one thought with them, because, yes we have differences in every thinking point, and it's a normal thing :) Living with an understanding is a beautiful thing, despite so many differences, we learn to understand and accept others perspective. And what we mostly not realize is, when we tolerate each other, we enrich our thinking ways with that.

Can't wait to have another good time and conversation with you, bro. Especially like on that rainy afternoon. Thanks a lot for always boosted my mood up! ;)

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