16 March 2014

A short trip to London!

3R went to London ^^

Yesterday me and my two friends, Rizky and Riky were going to an UK education expo that held by SUN, placed at Ballroom JW Marriot Surabaya, started from 10am to 6pm. And I didn't regret a bit for coming there! We got some packaged which contain of a guide book for study overseas in some countries and pen. Also, we could take a pict (and got the printed of it) with the background and properties of famous things in London, and it was free! :P

What we Got! :)
Then, we entered the auditorium. There were various desks based on the university with two tutors. Some is a foreigner, and you could choose which university you would like to know and asked there anything! Whether about the major, the cost, the locations, the things you need to prepare, etc. Since Me and my friends are still in first year, we didn't ask things that "muluk-muluk".. at least, we knew what things we should prepare from now if we really want to go there someday (aamiin).

Here're some important  info that I got if you want to apply for school at London, especially S2 programs:
1. Transcript in English, min. IP 3.
2. IELTS min. 6, TOEFL IBT min. 90
3. Reference from two college lecturers! 
4. Passport, visa, and lots of money (if you don't get a scholarship, you need to prepare money around Rp 290 million for the study cost per semester)

Okay that's all what I can share to you :3
By the way, today I came to a (real)-graduation at Graha ITS, it's kind of farewell party for some of my seniors that finally can wear a Toga and make their parents proud of them. I heard the speaker calling their name and said "LULUS DENGAN PUJIAN". Subbhanallah, hopefully me and all of my friends could hear that 3 years from now.. 

I know, the road is still long way to go. So, just keep the spirit up! May Allah always copes all of our dreams :)

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