9 April 2014

You're my number 1 inspiration!

Hmmmmmm... I found some couple sketches that I made, long time ago. I also read some of my old drafts. Then It made me realize jussssssst how productive I could be when I...have someone who inspire me. I can draw, I can sing, i can make a handy craft, i write poems, i write stories, simply because I have someone that can be a character inside my imagination. And i think i like it ;)

You know, I portrait how world will be so much prettier, easier, and other better things when we could simply inspire each other. When we share positive vibes each other. HA HA HA  like when we're falling in love, maybe? HA HA HA we all know how people say that love is blind. yes, you only see the good things from someone that you fall in love with, no matter how actually bad are they, but they just look ok for you ;)

Katanya RAN siiiihhhh
".....Tunjukkanlah rasa cintamu,
 coba buat mereka tahu, 
betapa indahnya dunia,
 bila engkau sedang jatuh cintaaa....."

It's not always means love to someone. Love is an universal thing. Maybe loving our job. Maybe loving what's we're currently studying, maybe loving our friends then we plan to do something positive together,  maybe loving our religion, our Allah, and there're still so many things that we can fall in love with which means there're so many things that can inspire us to do something good ! <3

“You might feel worthless toone person, but you are
priceless to another.”

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