21 June 2014

First Outing Experience!

Hey peeps! ;)
This, time i'm going to share you about my quite-much-interesting experience! Which I just have done two days ago :) So I just followed an outing activity that held by my campus for an open recruitment to be their volunteer. And I must say... it was a nice first experience. Yeah, like, i really meet a new thing to try! Meet a total new environment, meet new friends, and heuh (finally) I'm out from my comfort zone.

This outing was held for three days. And it didn't take a long time (only about two hours/day) but in that such short time, i feel like, i got many things to learn. New spirit, new perspective, new friends, new togetherness, new feeling of having responsibility, and new feeling for caring. Mostly about, internationalization.

The first day, all the participants of outing got a great speech from Ms. Maria about the fact that our beloved country, Indonesia, have. She could hypnotized me enough to open my mind wider about internationalization, about facing the upcoming AEC in 2015, about my motivation for following this oprec. 

"you think your country has too many problems, but actually it's much muuch moree than THAT we already knew out there. They think the upcoming AEC is not a big problem, but actually yes IT IS. So, let's start asking from yourself first, have you ready enough to face it? It still few people who cares about this. There's only 98 out of 12.000 who think about this big matter. It's only 98 person out of 5% from 250k Indonesia's citizens who cares about this big matter. So if you say that you really love this country, this is your big job! At least to make your 11.902 other friends realize first! You're success in Internationalization if you already feel that you're in the same level with other people from another country. Students have a big role in this internationalization. Because, you're the lucky ones who can study in university. The future of your country is in your hands. So if your motivation are only to get SKEM, or to enhance your English skill, be wiser! You can take role more than that. And however, want or won't, this's the condition that you will face soon as the challenge of time. That's!"
That's only partly of what Ms. Maria said at the opening session on the 1st day, that's what I catch, mark, and remember. I must missed something there, but yeah, that's really a cool speech.
After got speech, the next agenda was, a presentation from a former in there, he told us about one of big event in there. After that we were divided into groups which one group consist of three people. fortunately I got group with one of my GERIGI's friend, Tommy from Ocean Engineering and also with a senior from Industrial Engineering, named mba Nola. We got the 4th Topic, so we need to plan one of the sub event. And presented it on the last day. And that's how, the activities on that day was ended. 

On the second day of Outing, Me, mba nola, and tommy made a deal to work our tasks in ITS's Library at 2P.M. In there, i also met others group. We brained storming our ideas and blend it into a final plan in there. Mba Nola was previously experienced in this field, since She was one year early in ITS, and she also know much about SME. And Tommy was a diligent boy one, he already made a blurry plan about it, so we could done it smoothly. Just need a final finishing about the presentation. Yay!

Because, that was still 4PM when I already done, and the 2nd Outing was held at 6.30 PM. I decided to wait at my big Uncle's home. I spend good time with my big aunty and older cousin, I cooked, chatted, ate, and watched film in there, wuhuuw. My brother told me some stories in there =)) (emhh, actually we were gossipping) hahaha. Time walks so fast in there and i still need to come for Outing, So i permitted to leave.

2nd day of Outing was fun! All time were spend for playing games! It method to know how's someone when they need to work on group. So, it more emphasized in how the team-work is in solving problems that given. The 1st was we got an issue and we're asked about the solution, etc. And then, we're given p**** and s****, yea it's more how we should be creative, unified, and have job desc for each of us :)

Last but not least.
It was the last day of outing. Quite unique experience for me, because this was my first time directly interacted with foreign students. Yea, I mean, I never really done this before. Have a group discussion with foreigner, and they were from Thailand!!! Ketjeh kan? You know right, just how hard is it to understand their speak? to understand their writing? But it wasn't. We could comfortably and smoothly speak with them, share with them, and they were really nice :) Also, sssst I got a group discussion with the beautiful ones! I mean, she's really beautiful! And they both are from Civil engineering. It's the same department with me!

courtesy: from twitter

After had session with ASEAN Camp's students, the Outing event was continued, it was time for presentation. I got so nervous, because i need to talk front of people, especially in English. Hrrrr, you must know how my hands and voice were being shaky.. =( I know i was really cupu!
Okayyyyy the rest stories were not really a highlight. I just made fun with people who sit nearest to me (don't ask who and what we were doing, haha) and guyss, that daay, the room was really extremely COLD! brr><

ok, bye

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