26 June 2014

Blessed sister ever!

It's like thousand times (aha, I know I'm too much in saying words), but Allah, it's true.. I'm just feeling so blessed of You for sending me four kind and inspiring brothers like them. Yeah, literally i only have one brother. The other three are sons of my uncle, but since we're growing up together, though we ever separated for some years because they lived abroad, we're close enough as siblings :)

So, there are two of my brother who currently living outside Surabaya. They are at Malang and Bandung. But there are still two who live at Surabaya. Like, I've been give them a hurry-curry condition, again and again, but they're always there helping me.

Sometimes, I asked about my subject to the youngest one. But most time, I ask for advice to the older one. Tehee, and I'm more closer to the older one. Yea, He's more friendly, he always picks me up, when I have event at ITS Pusat, he always picks me up, whenever I'm sick. He always invites to watch movie, though sometimes because he doesn't have a companion, and I never make any of my $$$ out :p I always can ask him many goooooood movies, or Korean variety shows, mostly is Running Man.

My this older brother is also so so sweet. Whenever he picks me in crowded place, he always waves his hands from distances, though I had see him coming! He said that "Yo takute kamu ga kelihatan Ka." and he never make me wait for more than 5minutes. And always waiting so patiently. (so different from the other three)

Different brother, different typical.
Now, it's my 3rd brother! He's kinda moody, sometimes he's so kiiiiiiiiind, sometimes then he's so evil. Sometimes he's so childish, sometimes then he's so father-soon-to-be. He likes treat me foods, but then calling me "Ndut", "Yek perutmu lho hahahaha." He always asks me to ask mom for sending him money! Geez. And he really can't wait something for a moment, i mean he's really really tidak sabaran. I often being left by him when he already promised to pick me up.
Hmmm, But recently, since he has new girlfriend, he becomes so..kind yet scary too =))  
Because, lately he always calls me "Ya, ada apa cantik?" "Suda di ruma cantik?" whenever I chat him. Grr

And the last one! It's the oldest one. And right now, he's currently living at Bandung for his study. He's the most friendly, smartest, and.. what to say? Up to date one. He has a really high pride and self confidence. But everytime he's at Surabaya, he's more likely his twin. He ever pick me up to hospital too when I'm sick. Yea, I could ask him about anything. He's the one who taught me to solve rubic without memorize the formulas. But It didn't work...krik haha.

Yea, that's all a glimpse about my brothers! And, btw, right now, they're already in the end of their college's life. Two are busy with their final project and two others are busy with their practical work.

There's nothing else but the best wishes, that I can give to you bro.
Lastly, Merci, brothers for always save my life! c:

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