12 July 2014

Ramadhan Kareem 1435

my life this week in a frame

WHOAAA I must have been abandon my Pile of Dust, right? hmmm, since I've done doing my chores's list, I think i can spend a little time here :)

So what has been happening these past days?
Actually, I had lotta things happened, but much of it, are about went to somewhere either with my family or my friends. It's holiday, so i think, i deserve enough to have it, even- I may deserve more! Hahaha, but however, alhamdulillah, thank you, Allah :)

It almost reach the 2nd week of Ramadhan's month. Times walk way too fast, don't you think huh? But it kinda gloomy at my home, since my brother can't joining this Ramadhan at home, since he has to follow his academic's regulation at Kediri. Also, most times, my daddy is going out from the city to have done his work. And my mommy and sister busy take care of the school's entrance. Pssst i tell you, my sister made a big success, alhamdulillah, she got accepted at 1 JHS (just like me), I'm really a proud sister ever. ;) And that's why,  i feel kinda lonesome most time. And, it's kinda hard for me to go outside, since there's no vehicle left when everyone goes out.

Hmmm, first week of Ramadhan i mostly spend at home, chatting, watching Running Man, watching World Cup at the night, Sahur, reading Quran with my sister, helping mum prepare the meals, cleaning the house, eating, sleeping, praying, picking up my grammy to check up --" Until, at Saturday I went out with Aho and Dinar, yehaa finally we met up after a year, dinar said, it's been soooo long rite? <3

Actually, we wanted to ride on Surabaya Heritage (a famous bus that will take you to some tourist's destination places in Surabaya) from House of Sampoerna. But unfortunately we didn't make it, because we ran out of the places :< So then, we just walked around and take some selfie with Aho's tongsis (nak gahoelz bet dah) After felt content of roaming around in there, we decided to go to Tunjungan Plaza, because Aho wanted to look on some shoes in there. And we spent the whole times there until breakfasting. Psst i didn't recommend you to do this, because it consumed much energies of your Sahur meals, you couldn't find any seats to relieve your legs even for a minute.. haaa :p

The next days, hmm, went quite bit absurd.. I just picked up my mommy to mall. My daddy to airport, with my brother, since my daddy took the morning flight, me and my brother watched the World Cup at car hahaha. And then, there was also The Election day, at 9th July, really curious (as always) about the result. I hope, whatever the result that come out, they will become the responsible President who will listen and care to their citizens.

yes, Fingers crossed.

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