8 June 2014

They don't have to always understand

You know, latest week of college's life will always be the most hectic, sensitive, and tiring days to through :') People get mad easily. including me. Then they burst their anger to others, shouting to each other, or even turns into fight and traps in silent mode. No talks. No smile. No chatter and laughter. 

I don't know why do we do so? is it relieve all the hardship that we should get done? I don't even think so, in fact, it will take us into another level of stress.

I know, we get tired. We feel upset because things aren't as smooth as we've expected. But, that does not give us the right to treat other people bad, doesn't it? Our problem is our own. And other people do not always have to understand.

Because, everybody has their own problem to solve. When we think, they won't understand our condition enough, think back again, have you understand theirs completely? Not, right? We all never know what sorrow that others have inside their mind. Maybe, they're currently feeling hurt, lonely, rejected, failed, stressed, and many other emotions.

So, Here i give you an advice :) Firstly let's learn ourselves to be responsible for our own problems. Then, help the others when we still have ability. Simple, right? :)

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