27 October 2014

Wind, sky, and you

Hey, blog! I'm back again! :)
Last Saturday and Sunday, me and my other four friends just had a short holiday to Malang :) Well, actually we supposed to look for villa for our major's event next month in there.. But beside that, we took our times and had fun instead. :-p

So, we went there from Surabaya at 11a.m on Saturday morning, actually it supposed to be at 5a.m, but because of my sudden event, we couldn't make it, and end up went there at 11a.m. The traffic was kinda crowded that day, it took 6hours for us to arrive at Malang, and.. luckily the weather was not so hot, it was kinda gloomy, even we wished that it will rain, but it wasn't. We sang a lot at car, talking this and that.. you know, heart's problems =)) took photos, made video, slept, ate, and so many else. 

Finally, at 17.17 we arrived at Egar's house. Placed at Jalan Sulfat, Malang, it has a super cozy environment, also the weather, it was cool, kinda windy, and the grey sky, made it feel perfect! After entering the house, Egar's mom was greeting us, and let us cleaning our self. The girls were sleeping at Egar's room which all is colored blue (and i think, omik would love it) then the boys were sleeping at Egar's sister's room which dominated with pink, hahahaha. After had some rest, Egar's parents invited us to have a dinner outside and we ate Sop Ayam! Which made us so full at a blink of eye! Ugh, but it was a delicious choice in that kind of weather, thank you so much om dan tante for the foods heheh! :)

the way our horizons meet..

After done eating, Me, bibib, temon, icak, palom were going to Payung. (Egar couldn't join us because he was sick), We seek for that famous starry night Batu's view in there~ Though the traffic was kinda jam.. we still enjoy our trip.. and finally arrived there. After moved from one place to another because of so many reasons, we could finally decide a place and delivered some foods! Like, milk, bread toast, and grilled corn. I enjoy gazing at the night's view.. though it's kinda cold, i felt happiness running through my veins, and made me feel warmer within myself. You know.. as I passed every way into there, I saw many old films playing in my mind, like.. every place has its own memory at my heart.. and i missed them all. But now, 3 years after that, i have my new journey with new people, making new stories all over again, and i figure out how fast times are. :) After enough enjoying the night, we back to Egar's house, and arrived there at 11.54 pm. Soon, after we entered the house, 3 people were directly pray Isya, and the left 2 were busy took out their stomach's contents wkwkwk, soon then we slept !

The 2nd daay, we went to Cuban Rondo Waterfall. Honestly, that was my first time going there =)) Like usual, we took photos, entered the pond, and the water was supppeerrr cold =)) From Cuban Rondo, we had lunch with Egar, Jija, Dzul, and Egar's brother at Waroeng Bamboe. Was a cozy restaurant with good concept. Lastly, we went to find the villa, haha!

Around 5 pm, we had our way to go back to Surabaya. Not doing much in the car, because everyone was already tired. (feeling sorry for Temon because he couldn't take a rest as long as the journey like we do). Was another great journey with friends :) and my personal companion who company me even when it was only through the phone, haha! looking forward for the next. Hopefully soon yah! Thanks everybody.

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