3 December 2014


beautiful scenery at Paralayang and Pantai Gua Cina

Hey blog..
finally i got a free time for awhile, at least it's still 4 hours until i need to do something again. so, I want to fulfill my promise to someone that asked me at ask.fm hehe..

yes, I've been being so busy lately.. my academic and non academic's activities, both kept me running, mostly at this November. I even never spent my weekend at home! So these are what I did last month.. (especially at the weekend)
1) Done one of training's following event at my campus.
2) Done one of my task, went out with friends, slept over at her house, then the next day I went to Car free day, and played basketball.
3) Went to support my major KJI team at Malang
4) Had RAKER and watched Maliq.
and at the weekdays, I had a super tiring school's days because I got such a much tasks, a heavy series of practices, lot of evaluations, and another activities.

It can be a super long story if I should write every detail that happened to me, so I will just tell you the highlight part of it ;-) okey?

So, the training's following event that I've done was called TD Pusaka. I was being an OC in there. Like usual, I need to prepare things that needed, wake up earlier, etc. But the good news is I did it with my other 50+25 friends :) So, the tiredness were paid back by having a good time with them! :) Btw, from that activity, me and my friends have new toy to play, it's called "Break claps". It's a series of clapping hand with different patterns from 1 to 7, and it's challenging because it has a nice and engrossed sounds. Beside that, me and Vio was taught (not-so) privately by someone that I can't tell the name. :p

The next weekend, I had an even crazier days! It happened when my friends, Vio and Bibib asked to finish our Mektek Task together. actually, we supposed to do it at KFC Kertajaya with Hisyam, but suddenly these two girls popped front of my house, and all the plans were changed. At the end, we've done it at my house while eating an ice cream that we bought earlier :) But not so long after we started to do our homework.. we got bored.. and had an idea to go to Sutos instead hahaha! So.. yeah there we go.. SUTOS at 10 P.M!

Guess what we did in there? Yes, after goofing around for couple times, enter the stationery's store, watching people eating, then we end up by entering the cinema, buying the popcorn. And... only...watching.. trailer of films! :p

our sleepy faces
at 12 PM we went back, I had a sleepover at Vio's. It was raining on that day.. and suddenly omik answered my message, so we were chatting for awhile, but he's on busy mode that early morning so I decided joining Vio to sleep hihi. The next morning, Bibib picked me and Vio up! We went to help Icak vend at Car Free Day Darmo. Me and Vio bought socks in there! It was only 5000 and we got two pairs of it! :D So cheap huh, after tired walking around in there, finally we found Icak. Then we bought many foods, yeah! I ate up 1 portion of fried rice and 2 portions of grilled meatballs. Hweheheheehhhhh, so full! :)

After had my stomach full, we went to Basketball court at ITS Sukolilo. yeah, I played for some minutes in there :)) only randomly running with my shoes off.. and it felt hot! I also played free throw ball with Bibib and Vio. So, we had terms that before we throw the ball we should shout the name of someone that disturbing our mind hahahaha. So.. when I got my 3rd turned, I shout Tommy's name. "Ini buaaaaaaat omiiiiik" then I throw the ball, and dang! it was goal! :p But when I told him this story, he said that it was dramatic --" *sobs* yeah.. that's how I ended my crazy 2nd weekend! Woho!

Well..now we got on the 3rd weekend part. It will take too much words to describe the happiness of my 3rd weekend's journey. Maybe, these videos and pictures below would tell you better :)

failed video =))

better one =))

our happy faces! finally, beach!

This journey was especially dedicated for our friend Tiara who needs a refreshment because of something :) I hope you won't ever be sad again! After supporting our major's team at KJI and KBGI events, we made our own holiday! Yes, we spent 3 days and 2 nights at Batu-Malang. I was so happy that days, I met some of my high school's friends too in there, they were Hendro, Devy, and Nanda. It was good to feel the nice and cold weather of Batu-Malang (again).. having jokes with friends.. spent the night together.. at Alun-alun, at the car along the journey, etc. Being with the ones you loved and love you, always good, right? :) 

Thanks for the great holiday! As always.. Looking forward for the next! yeyy yeyy

Finally.... I reach the last part! It's my 4th weekend!
So, I have a new activity, I got accepted for being a staff at BEM FTSP, I'm at Communication and Information Department. I dont know how.. but I really liked my job.. It's like I'm not doing anything, because everything that I gotta do.. were my hobbies! Writing.. capturing moments.. editing photos. :) I know, Allah always knows the best. right? alhamdulillah. What's more exciting about it? I met many new friends in there. Hopefully I can get along well with them.. do every of my tasks in here well too.. and be consistent aamiin! 

last day activity.. after sitting for hours in 3 days! hoaam

after finished the raker sessions. Bibib and Vio (again) picked me up! Because we need to catch our interview test at chemical engineering building. Hehe, it was my first time went there, seriously guys after a year! ckckckck. Well.. if you 're going to ask me how was the test going?.. you better not :-) Maybe vio and bibib would answer it better (because they found something interesting in there..hahahaa).

at east coast

After we've done the interview sessions, we went to mosque and had a long chat in there. and at 8PM we went eating at East Coast, and as the closing part of this year's November! We watched Maliq D' Essentials! Woo! I thought, it was a great performance by them, because it has been awhile since the last time I watched a music concert..hehe.. by the way.. have i tell you that Bibib had her birthday on that 30th November? kindly shout "Happy birthday Bibib" yaa! And also don't forget to wish her the best wishes :)

So..that's how my November went.. see you folks! tasks are already waiting for me! bye

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