26 December 2014

My first 160km!

Heeeyyy blog! I'm back again! hehehehehe
Yesterday, I had a short trip to Batu with my family ((i know, maybe I supposed to just move to Malang, because I'm going there too often hahaha)), but NO! It was a different trip :p Guess what? I'm the one who ride the car there! wkww. Unbelievable! There was no my dad either my brother. I went there only with my mom, grandmom, and lil sis. Pheww! Luckily we arrived there and back to Surabaya safely :) Alhamdulillah. And.. we also got a surprise when we arrived there.. yepp, finally we met daddy >< after months, guys! I  already miss him so bad. So, my dad haven't pick my mum's calls up since last Wednesday. But suddenly, at Thursday night he told us to pick him up at Malang.. Yey, finally we were united! And we stayed at Batu for a day.. :)

The second day, I only had a culinary trip at Malang, as usual, I asked for Bakso Bakar Pahlawan hehehehe, by the way, Mas fatan, my cousin  from Tangerang, was also joined us! Was one fine day with my family then it was raining and the clock showed 4PM! :') Which also means.. it's time to go home..

See you again, all! Goodluck at our last battle in this semester yha! And goodluck too for my daddy. I will always send you my best prayer from Surabaya, dad. See you soon insyaAllah :)

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