3 February 2015

Making Cupcakes! ;)

Hey blog, it's raining at my home and i'm feeling tired after taking care of some matters with my friend. So here I end up - again! hekekekek. I really catch you very soon, aye? :P

I think I wanna share my experience in making cupcakes times ago! because i scare i might forget how to make it (because i still have no time to make it again), so i'll blog it here!

Things you need to prepare:
  • Flour, i buy one that already mixed one pack with the addition ingredients (such as vanilli, etc), it will make your works 100x times easier hehehe!
  • 2 eggs
  • oil
  • chocolate
  • powdered sugar
  • cupcakes mold
  • oven
  • colorful candy/any cake garnish

Ways to make it:
1. Prepare the flour at a bowl/the mixer bowl, add 2 eggs into it, then also pour the oil (it's about 10-15 tablespoon). Mix them! Until the color turns into slightly light yellow. You just need to turn the mixer power into the maximum, and hold it for 5-7 minutes. And tadaaa your needed mixture is there!
2. Prepare the cupcakes mold, the aluminum ones and the paper ones. Place the paper cupcakes mold inside the aluminium ones, and place it into a bigger-rectangular-aluminium-mold, so it will be way simpler to place inside the oven.
3. Pour the cupcakes mixture into the mold, adjust the amount with your oven heat, if it burned the cake swiftly, just add into 7/8 part, if it burned normally just add the mixture fully. :) 
4. To not make my cupcakes taste plain, I usually add cheese/caramel/chocolate in the middle of it. So I pour the mixture into 1/2 part, and add the filling (grated cheese/caramel/etc) into it, then continue adding the mixture into the 7/8 or fully part. After it's ready, place it inside the oven! And wait until 15-20 minutes, depends on the type of your oven.

waiting it to be fully baked yayy yayy
5. While waiting your cupcakes to be done, let's prepare for the decorating part! I usually make it from chocolate or you can make it from icing! I will describe you both..
6. To make the garnish from melting chocolate, I usually buy the white-chocolate ones, so I can make some color- not only white or chocolate, hehey. Melt the chocolate above the hot water, when it's melt enough, take it and placed it above the cupcakes. So easy, right?
7. If you want to garnish it with icing/cream, you need to prepare butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk! Just mix them for some minutes until it tastes and looks like a cream, then just add it into a triangle plastic, cut the tip, and BHEW! Make your own icing above your cupcakes!

my first attempt in making cupcakes
8. Have a happy tummy with cupcakes! ;)

I can't provide many images/videos huhu, sorry! I was so busy making it last time that I didn't take many pictures! I only can hold my phone when I already washed my hands.. teheee! I'll show you better next time when I make it, insyaAllah. By the way.. i really miss cooking something (mostly for someone :P) huhu!


  1. You're so nice! Looking forward for your next cupcakes stories anyway :)

    1. Hey adam. Nice to know you!:)
      My making cupcakes experience was just nothing to be honest.. hha! But thx anyway ;)