31 January 2016

Greetings for 2016!

Hey blog..been abandon your for awhile.. sorry for sharing my love to you with the tumblr. I feel so sorry about that, i hope i can make it up with you... would you forgive me, blog?

I've been doing lotta things during the holiday, mostly to help my mom at home. yey, she went outta town a lot with dad lately, so i should take care the whole thing at home while she was going out. But, that's totally fine, i feel trusted and "maturer" by that :--)

I cleaned house, iron clothes, washed the clothes, did the dishes, swept floor, picked up my sister, even cooked with my sister, which is something that i rarely do in school's weeks due to my tight hours at campus, or busy doing my homework either big assignment till late at night. I guess, being a housewife is a really big deal :--) she has done lot of things in a day with her two hands and rarely complained about it. I will learn harder so I could be a good one someday soon :--)

Well, i believe 2016 will be an awesome year. Can't wait to explore the whole new things in this year. May Allah always eases every of our step in this year and helps us make our dreams come true, aamiin. See ya!

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