20 February 2017

Take your time

Hi, blog. Udah lewat sebulan ya dari post terakhir saya. Nggak kerasa. Hmm, jadi, mahasiswa semester terakhir telah ngebuat 24 jam berasa 6 jam, alias, waktu berjalan 25% lebih cepat dari biasanya. Hahaha alay gak? Alay dong. 

Lately, I realize, that life is not a race between me and anybody else. The most important person to conquer is my own self, my own dreams, my own goals, not theirs. Life is not always winning the competition, getting the attention & recognition from other people. Life is learning. Learn to accept yourself whatever it is and have a will to make it better for your own good. Learn to forgive and give in return to whatever other people have done to you. 

Don't be sad, Allah always be with you. See you on top!

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