23 February 2017

Trip To Jakarta!

Hey hey hey! Good morning, guys! I mean, it's really in an early morning! Ehm, wonder why do always my body turn out to be hard to get sleepy after had a tiring day? Well, it's quite gloomy and blue before. Ehem, I am talking about my last post, hahaha, so let's forget about it and move on with another happier story to tell. 😊

Let's see what I have for you, guys..


Tada! I've just uploaded a new video at my YouTube channel. Maybe you guys want to give a glimpse into it, hehehe. Talking about this video, there was another fun and hilarious journey I had with my friends to Jakarta behind it. Not forget to mention, it was free! So, I had tell about the scholarship I got months ago that made me so thankful & reminded me about my parents. Yep, that was it. After got the scholarship, all of the scholarship grantee was invited by the company to come to the gathering event at Jakarta about a month before the due date. It was also mentioned that we would get reimbursement for the transportation's fee after we arrived there. In other words, we are going to have a free trip. The amount of the reimbursement were decided by the distances from the hometown of the University to Jakarta as the destination city.                                            

I went there by the airplane along with my classmates & junior. They were Tara, Hisyam, Cecen, Rety, and Andini. We departed from Juanda Airport Surabaya at Friday, 10th February and arrived on the same day at Soekarno Hatta Airport Jakarta. Then, we took a cab to get to the Gathering's venue, at Eco Park Ancol, precisely. After arrived at Ancol, we ride on Wara-Wiri Bus, a free bus to accommodate the visitor inside Ancol. Then, we arrived at the Eco Park. By the way, we dropped off at the wrong bus stop, so we still had to walk for some miles (hahaha, ndak juga sih). But, it was fine, because we through a very nice environment to get to the hotel. We also saw some animals, pond, lot of plants & trees. It's a bit windy at Jakarta that evening. Hisyam and Cecen got new friend, he is Hamid from University of Indonesia, actually we also took the same bus, but he didn't talk too much. We also met friends from our university that took a different accommodation with us. After checked in, we got some merchandise and vouchers for tomorrow's breakfast & dinner. Then, we entered the room. It was a big room for 40 people, the bed was laid in order. We had about an hour to clean & have a pray. Then, we took our dinner and went to a place. It was in front of a stage where we can eat while listen to a live music performance. The band was so good, to be honest. Hahahah. But we annoyed by the cat's poop around this area. Yuck! After walked around, we back to our hotel & slept. 

The second day, me, Tara, Rety, and  Andini woke up so early in order to can take a bath, because they were only 3 bathroom. We took a bath at about 3 AM. Guess what, they were already queue for showers. After had a breakfast, we had a kind of "talk show" session, which talked about two topics. They were "Professional Communication" and "Leadership". It was an interesting topics with great speakers! (and also beautiful & powerful lecturer.) Such an inspiring talk. I wish I can be like them too, just wait. By the way, it was mostly raining all day long. Luckily, I brought my thin jacket inside my bag. After have done the session at Ancol, we divided into 3 bus, and went to Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan. It was an area which developed by the company along with the province government. There were many of Pembangunan Jaya's business branch at there. We visited the Sport Center which used specifically for Badminton Training. There were some Indonesia's Badminton Legend who greeted us, such us Mrs. Imelda Wigoena & Mrs. Rosiana Tandean, the PB Jaya Raya's director, and also the athlete under the guidance of this club. They have joined the club since such a young age and wander from their hometown. What makes this club special, that this club does not forget about the academic's stuffs of their athletes, so they made school and its own curriculum that would fit with the athlete's tight schedule of training & competition. From the Sport Center, we went to Jaya International School, which is a very guwd school. I wish I could sign in my future children to a school like that. The school has a very complete facilities and also runs with an interesting system. Lastly, the journey's session ended at Bintaro XChange Mall. We got a greeting from the director then we also given a 100k voucher that we can use to buy either food, clothes, shoes, etc. (It supposed to buy a dinner, but most of us used it to buy things). At 9.30 PM the bus headed to go back to the hotel. And it took around half and an hour from Bintaro to Ancol through the city's highway. The second day was a long day but luckily it passed in a blink ;)


The last day, we still had so many breakfast's vouchers left. That's why, we bought some more foods than yesterday. I bought, fried rice with an extra egg and crackers, orange juice (which turned out to be as same as lime juice. Surprisingly sour! but still alhamdulillah), and also a chocolate waffle. After finished our breakfast, we walked around the dock near to our eating place. We saw fishes and took some photos. Not long after that, we were commanded to go back to the hotel, got prepare for the out bond session. We didn't allow to bring important things as it was raining outside. The out bond went so fast due to the short time left for it. We divided into different group, different universities. We played some games, which were funny and I had never play some of them before. After finished the out bond. We back to the meeting point. There were the winner's announcement. My group got the third place, yaay! Then, there were closing session and we got certificates based on our universities. After that, we all packed our stuffs and prepared to go to Dufan. The third day ended by enjoying playing at Dufan. We tried rides, we went back to the hotel. Took our bags and ate foods from Hisyam's parents. By the way, it was raining so bad at night for about an hour. Lastly, we went straight to the airport. Waited our flight which was still at 4AM, that means.. yap, we slept at the airport! Hahahaha. I had a good sleep though. I slept at the waiting's bench and woke up right on 3AM because it was cold brrr! Then, we checked in and took wudhu, since it has not been Subuh at that hour.


That's the end of my story, wkwkwk. After arrived at home, I slept from 8AM to 2PM. :p

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