Sunday, 11 June 2017



Hay everyone! Can only just made a post about my 22nd birthday right nowww. I know, it's almost two months passed :') Been very busy and hectic about my final project! That it was hard to spend my time here... for literally writing a story!

Well, I am also a bit forget about what happened that day.. because there was nothing happened on 11th June. My family, left me at home alone, because there was Halal bi Halal at Jombang, that I could not join because that was less than a month left before my presentation day. Could you guess my nervousness? Nobody came home too, some people mostly forget too about my birthday. That I slept so early that day. I did not even feel that I am having a birthday hahaa.. poor me! Oh noo! I am so thankful to Allah SWT of course, for giving me another year and chance to become a better me! Indeed! What I should ask for?

I am happy, myself. As always :p

Butt, butt you know what? I had a 22-year-old-project with my geminian friend! Guess who? It's Yunita. (I have mention about her a lot)! So, it was a very secret project I made with her. We felt so happy that we could make it happen. Wish it would be useful and long lasted in Allah's eyes. Aamiin Ya Rabb. Wish, we could make another positive and secret projects together in the future.. :) 

Then.. it was one of that strange day, when I had a study group at Icak's home with Rizqi and Icak.. She kept telling me to stay there until iftar, because she wanted to cook together with me.. Ehm.. A very bad excuse.. :p Until.. it was 3 PM, she suddenly said that Yunita and Bibib was about to join our cooking's event ((event)), please bold that <-- haha. But I kept calm and acted like I have no clue or any suspicion for that kind of "surprise, surprise" thingy :p Then, yunita and bibib came, and we cooked together. I became more suspicious when Icak cooked the noodle in a big portion. I kept asking her, why she made so many food while her family were having an iftar outside.. Uhm. maybe it's for sahoor.. I thought so.. But she kept being so suspicious. WKWKWK

And.. tadaaaaaaaaa, right before the Adzan is heard. Vio, Tara, Derai, Jatu, Tiara, Ika, Sulal, were coming too.
At last, we had chit chat, praying, eating, and taking photos together. We were in full team formation hahaha, which rare to be happened lately.. So, we kinda had a quality time that night.. First, iftar together too.. Thanks Icak for the food😛                              

By the way, the best gift I've got this year was..


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