6 June 2013

a letter to self.

What's interesting about having a journey by your self?

So much, right?

Like, when you're about having a journey to a "Green Land", with many colorful flowers and trees, blue scene of sky and sea, a sound of the waterfall. you can see each of the good or bad scenery that you passed by. You can taste how much tired you get because you're driving so far away to get there. You can enjoy the way that you through, the ups.. the downs.. the turning way.. You can feel free to breath its clean air, and your stressed slowly fly away..... Then, you arrived in a home in the center of a field that you lend for 1 or 2 days, to spend your holiday... And when your holiday is closely to over, you feel like you won't to go home..

Maybe, that's what Allah wanted me to through..

Going on my own journey.

Maybe, by that i'll know, how hard is the way to get there.
Yup no one say it was easy. But it will worth enough to discovered.

Maybe.. Allah is currently testing me,

Am I deserve enough ?

Is that what I really want ?

So by the time.. i get to my final destination,
I won't give up easily no matter what's gonna happen
because it's me- myself- who knows, how hard was that to get there.

May tons of luck along with me, my friends, and all future fighters, in 18th June 2013.
No matter what's going to be happen,
Please guys just believe and note it in your heart,

Allah's plans is way more beautiful than what're yours.