10 July 2013


you = Ramadhan + you + new school

Dear blog,
Today is the first day of Ramadhan, actually i've been fasting since yesterday. Yah, differences are beautiful kok. By the way. Still happy fasting and welcoming Ramadhan to all moslem in the world!. Hope we could do better in this year.  Amin ya rabbal alamin

Uh what a miracle, last night i slept earlier, like 11.45 PM, that’s why  i can’t back to sleep after had my sahur meal. Okaay, but rite now i’m so clueless think about what i should do, i’m trapped in boredom, well i know i should study for my another entrance test, but i haven't in the mood into it yet, heheh

Nggh, this boredom bring me to a super gajelas activities, like, i just wonder about why 1 must be 1 ? Why do they write 1 as 1 ? Why not another sign ? And why do they call 1 as one ? Why not another nickname ? why do 1+1 = 2 , why don’t this become a window ? Since, it’s truly like a window instead 2.

Okay okay don’t mind me

it seems like my brain get overloaded because, asshbsdskjdlawoiwjdn things already buried deep down in there. And now  it’s making me ufuefjiefoekfguehgiafkkfj.

So i decided to take a break, another break actually..hahahaha

Well, it’s already 40 days 7 hours 28 minutes and 53 seconds since my graduation day but i still can’t properly breathe the freedom air of it. But i shouldn't grumble about it around and  it’s okay because i know, great things will eventually come in the end, amin amin, *finger crossed

Talking about Ramadhan,
It always been a good and bad side for me, why do i say so ?
The good is, Ramadhan is a good month to make us closer to our Khalik, and i’m really looking for it, since i must have been make so many mistakes in the past even in the future, so i just should do better in this  month, in order to redeem all sins that i've made. Hopefully Allah will forgive all of our mistakes :-)

The bad is, Ramadhan brings me some memories back then. but nope it's a small thing.. i just should deal with it because nothing i can't do about, we're just a stranger with some memories. I shouldn't worry okay

By the way

I just read about my soon new school's subjects and terms. And It seems so interesting! How i'll learn about making a building, bridge, and those stuffs.  I always love to learn something like that :-D And fyi, there's a bit different about D4 and S1, S1 will further learn about its knowledge and how to develop them in science, while D4 will further learn about its application. Uhh to be honest, i can't wait and really looking forward for it. Hopefully, i can do my best in there. Alhamdulillah.. I knoww, as expected, Allah knows the best ! :-)

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