18 July 2013

break the ice

After a whole days buried in the dark and had no desire into anything :p
I decided to start over anything and did something to charge my mood up \o/,
so here some of what i do:

//remake my reminder board//
.....taraa here it comes out ! :D
[ since, new life's page is opened, i think
i should make new  goals, new dreams, new days. ]
Past is past. I should be thankful for what i have today,
let's make it count, because Allah has a better plans out there

//see cute stuffs around//
Got these new siblings with its adorably cuteness
// Good music, books, films//, never fail !
 (should be + good food, but it's fasting month ! :p)
currently playlist : Waste by Foster The People. cute max!

 ;  to speak my minds out :-)

//saving money//
Living costs are raising, soooo let's save more money
for better future =P, lol NO JOKE !  xP
*pasang muka serius* *elus dompet*
*jiyah gada isinya padahal*
Thanks for take a glimpse here x)
Avoir un beau jour :-)

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