28 April 2014

A hectic week

My life this week in black & white
Hey blog... I guess this is the place where I end up when I reach my lowest point. Sorry, blog... that's why you're rather gloomy and mellow-drama lately hehehe but I tend to seek for relieve by writing here only or mostly when I get stuck, sad, tired, or terribly bored.

Look, I don't mean to complain, I think Allah has always been soo good to me. I know many people will switch place with where I am now. But there's always this one point when you're not satisfied, and that's what makes us human, right?

But, I must admit it, that this week was one of those tiring weeks ever. Due to many things that I should have done in 7 days. Not only consumed my thoughts but also lots of my energies.

Reversing time back into 7 days ago, after cycling  in the morning, I was getting an accident near my house. I fall and got some wound, gladly it wasn't that bad. Monday to Friday, I never got home earlier than 9-10PM, I drove to here and there.. I ran for this and that.. And plus.. My school's stuffs. Task, exam, etc. Which are never stop coming and coming like the water flows.. 

And, it's Sunday, which means tomorrow is already monday again. Like, "hheu.."  I know, I better take a rest or doing my homework or read some books instead of grumbling here, but i just feel like, I need a little escape now.. I've been going to a bookstore yesterday, but it doesn't help much. I still feel need sort of a little pause, such as have a school's day off, or going to somewhere, or simply writing here, maybe?

But then, I was companying my mom and my grammy to fresh market yesterday. In there i found how life was so opposite between one person to another, including me. And I should be thankful to Allah for His blessing.. I should reminding myself however I'm in bad condition that there're still many people out there who's in worse condition than me..  and my life that I have doesn't that hard to compare with theirs.

This's part of my journey to be someone who i wish i eventually turned out in the future. And I should fight for it. This's the war that never going to stop between me and my own self. I may feeling this in one time, but i must not let it control me all the time. Being a moody person is really a bad thing..hzz :''|

That is a video which's a compilation of videos that I took during this week when I was going to many places. I collage it into one and give it a soundtrack. That's the song that I mostly listening to lately.  KITA BISA by RAN ft. Tulus, it's a beautiful song, right? :)

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