4 May 2014

Being productive

Today's portrait!
Today, I'm going to retell you about things I did. Not something special, but I won't let this moment just going away from my pile of dust. So, D'village (event that held by my major) is getting closer, it's next week!! wow! Which means, we as the organizer, should work harder for any things that haven't fixed, including the fund's problem. That's why, we had a way out, by selling drinks and foods in Car Free Day Darmo. If I'm not wrong, it's been the 5th time since our first, it's last time for this year... and I had a great experience today :-D

The story was.. Icak as the director of its selling project was bored to make our weekly menu,  so then.. we changed our plan with the new one. Guess whaaatttt's it?

Taraa! We sell banana-cheese fried, cutie pancake, bread toast, grilled sausage, grilled meatball, and cireng. And you know what? We made it ourself, exclude the sausage and cireng. So, on the Saturday ba'da Magribh, I went to Icak's house. I planned to sleep over there since we got lotta things to do, and we should get a good place on the Sunday Morning!

After arrived there, we prayed Isha and went to do grocery! It was so fuuun, since i went to here and there, just two with Icha, surfing on Icak's motorcycle, felt the night's breeze passing through my veins while seeing the moon's light (alay).  Firstly, we bought banana. Guess what, after bidding for some couple times, the seller gave us price (which i think) it was so cheap. After that, we were looking for some complement needs, such as the plastic, the toothpick, and the oil paper. And next destination was... finding cheese and palm sugar! then we found for the flour, oil, milk. Lastly, Icak treated me an avocado juice. Thanks a lot caki :3

After finished the "what we need to buy"'s checklists! We back home and prepared the whole things that we need. We made dough, we move the milk, we placed the sugar, we grate the cheese, we slice some banana, just times then... two more of our friends were coming! They were Temon and Cornel. We tried to cook our product. Just to make sure, that it does turn into something delicious. I'm forget to tell you, that time, it was already 1 AM in an early day.. ha.. ha.. we jokes and laughed for some silly and random things we did =))) Since yah..uda jam goblok gitu kan jam jam segitu itu.

After everything has packed on, Temon and Cornel asked us to go outside, can you imagine that? we haven't sleep all day along, we should wake up before 3AM, so we supposed to quickly sleep. but we weren't! We went to Ciputra BUT it was soooo fuuun, to pass by an empty freeway in an early daay. The air's breeze was soooooooo relaxing. I even took my head outside the car's window. Slowly screaming..... and really got happy in a time. I-somehow- feel calm and warm being surrounded with my friends.

around 2.30AM i got sleepy and...finally fall asleep. I heard sometimes Cornel and Temon were so noisy =)) I thought they don't know which way to pass. And times then I slightly woke up and we're already at The new airport =)) What the.... ?? =)) I heard they asked to me and Icha, should we down and taking some photos or not. But they said, me and Icha answered no, please guys, kita kan ngelindur itu jawabnya =))) We even didn't realize it was rainy so hard that morning wkwkwk

Just then, Suddenly, it's nearly to 4AM, and we haven't arrived at Icak's home. We got panicked and called Mandol. and Tiara also called us. =)) Some complicated things happened then. Untiil tadaaa, we arrived at Darmo.

Some unlucky things happened to us at first. the stove wouldn't work. the floor was watery, etc. But times then, things got better and were under our control :3 we started to make our foods! packed this packed that. frying this frying that. grilled this and grilled that. even we got some hot-oil splashing! wuuuw So complete right? The hot menu last morning was..the grilled meatball! u guys should try sometimes, okey ? <3

afterrr tired selling things. Me and kordesian played the paper-boat. We made wishes and float them. And then we packed, and we went back. by the way, I was driving for Temon and Cornel because that two were so sleepppyyyyy, and i thought it's ok. I felt like a mommy picking for her sons that time haha. Arrived at Icak's home we did the dishes, counted the money (yeeeyyyy!) and had a super comfy sleep for 4hours!

And i went home. 

Though it was so tiring.....I'm - seriously - really enjoying it. Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah for giving me chance to experience things like this, May i could always be productive like this B-)

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