4 August 2014

A week of blessing!

Hey, peeps.. How's your day?  It's already a week after Idul Fitri. Sorry for the late saying, but Taqoballahu Minna Wa Minkum. Taqobal ya Kariim. Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin yaa.
We're started from 0-0 again, okay? :p

I'm going to post some about my recent activities in this Ramadhan 1435 H. Well, actually I wasn't doing so much things, Me and my family only stayed at Surabaya this year, because of my grammy just got sick for a month, so all of my mother's siblings asked my family to not go anywhere. Hehehe, maaf curhat. So, to kill the boredom, my family just looked for something refreshing near Surabaya. We were going out to have a dinner, or going out to try new highway, or having a windows shopping at mall, or simply just watching television and get my house cleaned together. I think, after all, it was still perfectly fun to be stay at home for almost 2 months, as long as there're the loved ones. hahaha i'm totally that type of a-home-person

Here, I give you hints of my Ramadhan's activities back then, yeay X)

After praying Eid
Alhamdulillah, this year I could follow praying Eid with my complete family. Actually we planned to pray outside of our neighborhood, but sadly, just like what we guess, we could not wake up earlier that day =)) So at the end, my family decided to pray in mosque near my house.. wkwk. After praying, some of my neighbor came to house, and we did Halal Bi Halal. Also there were some of our relatives too.. And this year, fortunately, whoaa I still got THR nih.. hehe.. :p 

Trying new highway
I think the new highway which already opened in gate Gempol-Pandaan, it is supposed as the part of Surabaya-Mojokerto Highway, was good enough. I was amazed while crossing it. They were many crossing line, between one and another one direction. We could also see some tunnels in every some mile. WIKA seemly used new method that earlier used in developed countries such us Japan and America in building a highway in this project, which utilizing the free-vertical-area construction. Maybe, it is not as beautiful as Bali Mandara Highway, but I think it deserves for two thumbs up! :) 

In my perspective, the government of Indonesia should, very needed, and MUST held many construction in this field. Infrastructure was a very important point to increase the living's point in a country. By a good infrastructure there will be a massive movement that can be done by the population, include to make a living or to transport thing for one place to another place. By a good infrastructure, especially the transportation, i believe, the rest development (like building, home, entertainment's place) will also follows to growth. 

Fingers crossed aja lah for the new government that will start to work in the next three months!
Okay, next!

Pick and do groceries with mom and gramma
Company mom and grammom to have groceries means having a tiring day. Since I am as the youngest person there, I have the responsibility to carry and take care of the goods as long as we're shopping, hahaha. Running here and running there with some plastic bag in my hand at a really crowded place.. was another kind of physical exercise's times for me.. :') KURUS KURUS KURUS!!! wkwkwk

do cooking! :p
The next activity is do cooking! Lately, I almost always being left by my mom and daddy and it's ended by me get starving alone at home, huhuhu. So when the Magribh came up, I waited for my mom and dad to come home and brought me some food.. either I would not have eaten at all. Because of that, I prepared myself some easy and instant ingredients to cook at home, such as this spaghetti teheee. So I do not need to worry again, whether my parents will come home late or not :p It was a good time with stove, pan, and spatula.  That's I provide you the tutorial :p :p :p And this below one is how it turned out! Awwweeee, come to mama food! X)

Hmm delicious spaghetti ala Chef Rizka ~ yeeah

Ramadhan 1435 H may ends, but the challenge of being a better person actually just started. So, let's do better in worshiping Allah ya.. Semoga Allah terus bimbing kita di jalan yang benar. Bismillahirohmanirohim. Semoga masih bisa berjumpa dalam Ramadhan berikut-berikutnya.. lengkap dengan orang yang kita sayang ya. Aamiin. Selamat beraktivitas kembali X)


  1. you have an interesting life

    1. Alhamdulillah :).. I believe everyone has it, just if we know how to be greatful towards what we have/we haven't yet in this life. :)

    2. I do agree, keep up your writing!