13 August 2014

Be Ready for AEC 2015 !

During the holiday, I spent a lot of my time in home, so my routine to read the newspaper is also back. Most time while reading a newspaper, i only read the highlight, the article which's also provided with an image, or something that really catch my attention, because I think, something that colorless is just not quite interesting to read, haha.

But, last time, i found a good article. It was an opinion from the writer about the President's election- which is one of the candidate who lost the election, ask for repetition to Mahkamah Konstitusi Indonesia. In the last part of this article, which said something close to this (sorry, I could not find the newspaper),

"..instead of making fuss about comparisons of election results, which will be splurging money, time, effort again. It's better to receive the results and accept who is the chosen president now. Anyway, if we want to save or make Indonesia as the number one country, we must not be as a President, right? Thus a successful entrepreneur, or being clever students who win at international level, or being a citizen of Indonesia which have the same mindset to build a better Indonesia, can also help our Country being the number one. Now, there is a more important issues that heading ahead us. Indonesia's government better immediately prepare itself for ASEAN Community 2015, which is already right in sight. "

Right in that time, I said like, "NHAAHH NHAAHHH." I just can't not agree anymore. I've been spending a month in home and have my reading newspaper's routine back, but I hardly found any article which specially talk about AEC issue.. I think, Indonesian needs to know more about AEC 2015 because, when this gate of economic community finally opened, the wave of trade whether trade of goods/worker/etc will freely happening in our country.

In my opinion, AEC 2015 will  give a positive impacts if we all have been made a good preparation and fully ready to face it. Such as, our country has a good infrastructure and our country has a high quality human resources. So, as the participant we can take an advantage of it, and not being fooled/disadvantaged from this system. Imagine, when people from other ASEAN countries come to our country, then they do have a higher grade/ability than our citizens, so they're appreciated in our country, they become a leader, they opened many companies, they permanently run a business in here. It's a bad idea. We're only being a servant in our OWN country when we supposed to be THE KING here. And there's a BIG probability of that to be happened in this free economic community, if we all not well-prepared.

Don't you think, It is a serious matter, guys? For me, it's yes.

Sometimes, Indonesia's people are to concern with their internal issues- we keep criticizing about this and that, but we are not give and make any solution, and then we forget that there are another challenge of time that will keep coming toward us.. :)

We should  take more care about it, as a student, we can make a little preparation at least for ourself.
Such as;
  • keep improving our foreign language skill, 
  • make good grades in every subject, 
  • keep update to the latest issue that happens near us, 
  • have a wide social community, 
  • surround yourself with positive people,
  • etc.
Still curious about AEC 2015? Just Google it, guys! Do find more and more about it yah! And also spend your time to watch this video too, okey? :)

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