20 August 2016

A day to remember

So here we are!
Reached the last day of our practical work. Even though, we still have some assignments to be collected at least this month, we-somehow- finished our two months of internship. Well, i guess, I will miss my time coming to the office as an intern, complete with all of my activities during in there, the people, the places, and all about it. Wekekek, you know, I am a melancholy person. So, I need to get used myself again to my normal routines and be ok with it. :D

Sometimes, I wonder, how the destiny works in life. People say there is no such a coincidence in this world, there must be Allah's hands in putting our self in a such condition, for unknown reasons that we have to figure out at the end. There always be a beginning and an end in things. Because the only immortal thing in this world is only Allah, everything else is merely temporary. I thank Allah enough, for every blessing that Allah has given to me. I feel so blessed and grateful by it. I thank Allah for met me with nice people, the inspiring one, the helpful one, the patient one, also I thank Allah too for met me with those bad days, when people throw me with their bad words, or anger maybe. They teach me in their own ways..

It was a good time at the office. I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for every lesson, knowledge, and experience that has been shared to us. It was very useful. See you next time. Have a good life, everyone. I wish you get the happiness and success in everything you do. Today is the day I will cherish in my life. My first experience at the office. A provision for my future. 😊

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