9 November 2016

Dear, My support system

Mum, Dad,
This evening when I got home from an event, I've just realized something.Well, first of all I must thank Allah for everything Allah has given to me. Then, I remembered you both.
Back to this evening,
I was sitting in the room while getting an information about a company- which is thankfully giving me a scholarship for a year. I heard it with a high attention because it talked about something that is so close with my field- since it's one of leading construction company at my country- and now I am already at the latest year- which means I should think about what I am gonna do after graduate, whether I will continue my study, or finding a job, or starting a start up and being an entrepreneur, etc.- InsyaAllah. 

After the session done, the scholarship grantee might eat snack or have a cup of tea or coffee, then went home. So, i took a piece of sandwich and a sweet cake, while got along with some new people from different major and university. Nice move for me since I am an introvert person who doesn't good at being chatty in a room full of new people, but surprisingly I did. Then, when the tea time session's done, we shook hands also said thanks to the Chief of the company, and went home. Alhamdulillah..

After cleaned some stuffs, I took a break and opened my phone. Then my Whatsapp notification was ringing,
"Kak, gimana lancar? sudah di rumah?"
"Mbak, bagaimana, sukses?"
There were also some missed calls notification. I became remember, last afternoon my Mum and Dad were so worry because they couldn't reach me through phone at least for an hour. Until they asked to my friends too. My parents are the type who are so care with their kids, most of the time. Mostly, when we are having a big day to through, or something important to solve, they will intensely asking to us until we say that it's done. Then I replied to them. I told them everything about today. My dad congratulated me. He told me to not forget to be thankful. Then he asked me to send a photo. He said he is so proud and happy about it. I should tell it to my siblings too. 

I look back and think about everything that my parents have done for me. I won't be at my place now without their support. Everything I have today is because their believe and lesson about life they have given to me up until now. I don't have a perfect family- I am not a perfect child too, but i thankful. I am thinking about thousand things I planned to do in the future. That surprisingly that day which I called "future" yesterday is about to come in my life. God, I am freaking out, honestly. I wish I could be vice versa and make my parents proud. 

I have this big dreams in me. I always do. I know, maybe my parent's condition haven't be able to help me to achieve them easily, but that doesn't mean that I can't make it true. God, do You know this feeling? It shakes my heart every time I think about it. I wish I could really make it happen, with Your permission of course. Thanks Mum, Dad for every countless effort you give to me. I will pay them back soon, even if I know I can't ever pay it back equally. Thank you for always remind me to do the right thing. Thank you for always have my back whenever I feel down. Thank you for teaching me to be a brave and an independent person. Thank you for not spoil me so I can learn that life wasn't that easy so I know how to fight for everything that I want. Thank you for build up a strong foundation to live a life. I realize, I still have to learn more. Allah, You know everything that lies in my heart, right? I know, You are the best planner. You know everything before me, so I should not be worry. 

Mum, Dad- in this writing, I just want you to know that everything I do, it's for you. Thank you for mentioning my name in every pray you have. Wish me luck & may Allah always bless you.

With love, Kakak.

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